About Our Business
EDSI Company profile
Enid Drill Systems Inc. was founded in 1992 by John L'Espoir.  He previously was
employed with the George E Failing Co. for 23 years, all in design and
engineering.  Starting EDSI in 1992, was not easy; yet within 1-1/2 years, two new
special design rigs had been designed, built and delivered.  Over the past
years, EDSI has grown and over-hauled, re-mounted, or converted dozens of
rigs.  EDSI has repaired burned, wrecked, and worn-out rigs of all types up to
7500 ft rating.  

In 1996, EDSI purchased full right and title to the EWBANK rig designs, including
the right to use the name Ewbank and the Ewbank logo.

John L'Espoir has written a nearly 300 page manual about drilling rig components,
operation, and maintenance.  The Chapters 1 through 30 were published in the
"Water Well Journal" over 2-1/2 years with worldwide distribution.  The book
includes a 45 page addendum with engineering information.  The book has
received the 2003 Award of Excellence from the NGWA and a 2004 APEX award
of publications.  The book began selling in December 2003 and is now in its
second printing.  The book is entitled "Transfer of Technology".

Sadly, John passed away in September 2012.  However, EDSI will remain open to
continue to provide sales and service to both existing customers and new

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